Two Sides

by Sound Kata

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Sound Kata's debut album Two Sides is the result of a nearly 3 year long project from musical duo MC AMG & Producer &ERS. Two Sides is a personal journey through the mind & experiences of vocalist AMG, giving listeners a view of who he is at his core.

&ERS compliments this display of vulnerability with his often dark & atmospheric production, taking queues from the 140 pioneers and delivering his own brand of low frequency nirvana.

We wanted to establish complete creative freedom while deviating from the normal structure of what a song should sound & even feel like. Thank you for supporting our passion. - Aaron

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released January 27, 2017

Vocals: Aaron Graves, Ill Chill (Smooth Operation), Charlotte Rose (Blade Runner).
Production: Anders Finkelson, FJH (Co-Production for Smooth Operation).
Arrangements: Anders Finkelson, Slade Templeton, Aaron Huber (Opaque).
Mixing & Mastering: Slade Templeton All done at Influx Studios Bern Switzerland, Aaron Huber (Opaque).



all rights reserved


Sound Kata Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Two Sides
(0:27)How you keep growing when you hate yourself?
Berate yourself. Your needs get placed on shelf.
No one sees you, you're encased in stealth.
My mental state of health replaced itself.
I could taste the bitter misery. Mirrors
shattered my imagery. I'm fearing me. YOU!!!
mirrored my energy (inner G). How they gonna
love ya when love wasn't instilled in me?
I remember vividly, many scenes through
my history as a quiet kid, I admit I would
sit, I would get high as shit, not off of drugs,
the hopelessness buzz. I did it because
what desperate does, leaves you longing for
love. You wanna be hugged... but yuck!

I couldn't stand to be touched. Lust had to be rushed.
I'm a king but my canopy's crushed. Many friends &
acquaintances couldn't rid all my anxiousness.
the safest places to hide? No engaging faces,
my pride... the dark side when applied where the
sparks fly. Descending upon thine heart. Why?
Mark my ~ lowly words, it's absurd, the sad clown
down on my knees, praying "Lord please help me to
breathe. Rather to see ~ hope mightily heighten
me, ease stress & anxiety residing inside
of me." Silently~silence~psychology.

(1:49)***HOOK*** I~I~I~I~ Keep moving when there's love lost
I~I~I~ Keep moving when there's love lost
I~I~ Keep moving when there's love lost
I~ Keep moving when there's love lost...

(2:16) G's taking you back, the moment I'm at,
the relevant moment didn't know how to act. Look at
the facts, tried to relax. I ended up winded descended
the path. pretending to laugh. My life's a catastrophe,
while life's coming after me. Someone else that I'm thinking
I had to be. "Why not am I proud to be me?" Asking
the question, the answer suggested ~ insecurity,
fearing appearance the message. I clearly was
stressing, distressing, assessment ~ incessant. Now
my mind's achieved convalescence. Read from
the tome the hearts metronome. Once drawn on the
sleeve, but then got stepped upon. Judgemental,
ashamed and afraid I sift through the sand
picked up, examined, then threw the first stone.
Track Name: Opaque
(0:38) This is a letter to our presidents,
why I'm feeling reticent, we've
fallin hard. now we're slumped in a deficiet.

(0:48) They call this the land of the free.
We're... down on our knees...

(1:04) We didn't think it could happen to us.

(1:27) Ya'll think that I'm playing.
Damn, it's a shame. My mouth's gotta
refrain from speaking these things.
My friends gonna think I'm insane.
Peep the government's game for
personal gain. Each and every lane
that they got their paws in, balls
in, jaws chomping, long chin, coughing,
stomped in, committing the arson, &
shit's creek is what you be
swimming in face deep. Kids sleep.

If we don't act & acknowledge, or thirst
for more knowledge ~ the kraven will
seek to abolish all promise.
Then we'll know they got it.
The product of all rotten,
atomic, toxic logic. Truth we deposit.

(2:15) Oh yes we relish this ~ death, drugs,
embezzlement. Dress it up so eloquent.
All of this domestic ish. In front of
your eyes, yes its evident. Devlish.
We don't believe in God, so you overlook
the hellishness. We got our fetish
in smutt peddling. Keep our pockets
fat, while we're apathetic to our brethren.
Knock, Knock, Knocking down doors, or
you can let us in. NEW chapter...
New world... NEW order... Lets begin.

(2:50) Combat us if you dare to.
Social networks we are there too.
Scare who?
Satellites are causing the earthquakes.
But wait!
It's too late for cleaning the slate.
Spread the hate. Political weight breaks
the state. Y'all bait.

(3:05) More than just rhymes.
These signs of the times.
Divine stars align. The last
of our kind. One body. One heart.
One mind. Now throw up your Mendes
signs. We're willing to pry.
See fear in your eyes.
Keep believing our lies.
Y'all living to die. (2x)

What you fighting for? (4x)

Track Name: Embrace (S***i)
(0:48)I saw her across the room.
Now making that girly swoon.
She digging my vibe, we feeling alright,
draped satin above our eyes.
She like me I know it so,
we letting the chatter flow. She thick
in the thighs, dark hair, Hazel eyes,
we narrowed our focus right.
I know fa sho (4x)... I Introduced (4x)
me to this pearl. Whispers unfurled.
Knowing she wants to be in my world.

(1:40)Her number. She's giving me
free reign to slumber. My lumber the
denim's encumbered. BBC dip the sea it
is sundered. Pump the brakes when the
mind starts to wander. When I go in
the ceiling is under (2x)... When I go in
the city is under (2x)... She coming
through. She got a clue. I got the brew.
Her brought the ooh. This Black & White ~
P.Molyneux. The cocoa dude & vanilla
queue. I ain't waiting long, bish I never
do. Now we sitting close, with a better view.
Can she read my mind? Is it legible?
"Where we going now?"
"Where I'm taking you..."

(2:15)We step out the property knowledge
be carnal, he properly spark off the
odyssey. Fly at the Bar where the harmony
darker, her verbally honor the charm in me.
Scanning the bears pinned across her skin.
Give her some time she need oxygen.
Get in her mind got her feeling sublime.
Put in that work, I do over-time.
"Here's a little kiss boo you ain't
getting this." I could be remiss, nah,
just indifferent.
Cloud nine when we back in the room.
Throwed in abode where we chilling past
two. Heavier bass got us deep in the mood.
Put on some Weeknd, she feeling the tune.
When we embrace I deliver the cool.
Faces in ink reflect Sun & the Moon...
Track Name: Smooth Operation with; FJH & ILL ChiLL
(2:17) The truth's a heat
seeking scud. Peep the flood.
Teach each young to receive the
love, instead of slinging stinky
mud. Cause dusty duds are sweeping
peace under the cleanest
rugs. My mind bugs when
world leaders rocking peachy fuzz..
What's in our water ~ turning
families to martyrs? We thirst for blood,
while our blood is boiling even hotter.
Righteous slaughter.
Point & Laugh. Check the banter that
this sinner spews, we'll all
be judged - God conducts the interview.
The interlude before eternity -
Satan pleading "will you burn with me?"
I can sense his sense of urgency.
the greatest fallen Angel wishing he
could murder me. Emergency! Hell's
emerging! See? Lake of fire, the burning
sea. The blood of Christ wash
the wicked purge from me.
Watch the wicked lurk beneath.
No hyperbole, Listen to words I speak.
Repent and change our ways of life
or we will suffer certainly.
Our souls will live eternally,
even the 33rd degree.
Track Name: Death Note
(0:55) Waking up in a sweat. It's dark
as it's gonna get. Alone in my room,
that feeling of doom, my
breath escaping my chest.
If I open my eyes I fear
what's waiting inside beside
of me, sitting oh ever so silently,
its nature is violently; waiting
to lash. Craving to slash &
leaving a gash inside of me.

I'm breathing too hard (x3)
Oh my, oh me. Praying that hopefully
while it leans over it doesn't notice,
focusing on my skin the claws are real
sharp and I'm thinking then...

(1:22) Linking a tailspin, thoughts
are forced into gale winds.
Considered confusion, is this an
illusion? Across my ribs its
fingers are moving. I can feel the
glare, evil eye stare. Feel
paranoia all up in the air.
Its fury is that of a cyclone,
Michael Meyers psycho,
light go green, ferocious mean,
imagine the all ways it could
split my spleen. I Know
better than ever never to slow my
roll. Throw hope out the window, this will
crescendo, soaked linen and pillow,
will this be my end though?

(1:50) Woe is me as I think of
the other side. Chakra denied.
Won't open the 3rd eye. Cause I won't die,.
Not here. The deer in the headlights
shift in high gear! I gotta be clear.
I know what I know cause I opened my ears...
The low end is near. The moment is
closing I don't wanna go in its jaws then
it's over I'm sober, it's weird.

(2:03) I know the layout of my room. Not
making mistakes that lead to my tomb.
I won't be consumed. Death is not presumed.
Its hissing my mission I'm ready to move
it soon.

(2:10) It said... "Just open the gate I'll
climb through. If you're looking for me
I'll find you. In the darkness I'll bring
you the light, you lied too. You're mine.
Close your eyes."

(2:20) "I want your heart. I want your soul. I want your mind." (2x)

(2:37 outro) Waking up in a sweat, it's dark
as it's gonna get, illuminate room
judgement coming soon
my mind's becoming a mess. (2x)
Track Name: Possible
(0:03) You've got a way of making me feel small.
But I won't let your words reach me anymore.
Thought you knew all that there was to know.
Thought you landed the final blow. But I will Rise up now (2x)

(0:56.5) You're trapped & you're lonely.
Destitute on the low key. The smiles,
"I'm fine", my holiness phony.
If there's a God well then show me.
No faith of a mustard seed homie.
See, I had once been so pure.
Still living in sin, not plucked from my skin.
In my flesh what's been rooted? The truth!
No more of me taking communion.
Still love but no thoughts for a union.
No heir to my throne,
you might think I hate kids,
but then you would just be assuming.
Rationale formed when we're fuming
is that "well I'm only human".
Excuses fall short of the movement.
Judge the parish, ecumenical unit...
Followed by trumpets that's booming.
We live the 11th hour.
Pretend to be righteous.
Have yet to forgive myself
for some of my sins,
Y'all may know what they is.
I know what the price is.
My mind pulled the night shift.
knowing my secrets will surface
to light quick as I write this.
Know there's spirits within
that I'm fighting & frightened
that my heart's been enticing.
My mind is inciting my vices
have only been heightened
highlighting the blighting.
Fuck being pious.
remove my hands & my eyes
so it might end.
Possibly that I might live.

(2:08) But I will rise up now (3x)
Track Name: Blade Runner feat. Charlotte Rose
He was a gangsta, no knives or the banger, 5'9 with a build of prime "O" was a danger. Bare teeth if you dare but beware if he's angered. Pain's a team game, he'll be there as the anchor.
Not a pawn on the board, a King moving according. Minnesota's the story, but Ohio's the glory. Not born around Pickett fences, but pick a fight around Libbey high get served up a blackened
eye. Shoved off your path of pride.

(0:41) Bridge: You see my father in me (4x)...
You thought my heart was empty (4x)...
You see my father in me (4x)...
You thought my heart was empty (2x)

She took it upon herself to get rid of the drink & cigarettes, separated with three kids, the things she did to provide for the way we lived. Living on Selby hell we never had much but had food in our bellies. Taught us integrity, be giving & never to be jelly. Public housing, rebellious teens... after all that she's still dealing with me. Woosah serenity. I know she thought that - these kids are killing me. Big bro sneaking girls up to his room. Older sis chasing me with the vacuum. Pet cat spraying up the whole living room. Drive-bys walking home in 92'...
Mom's went to college - Kinesiologist knowledge. One of many things accomplished. The thought of the draw bridge lowered to the conflict, waiting in the midst of the mosh pit, gosh it wouldn't have occurred to me if I didn't see it personally - Start at the roots, move to the limbs then leaves. Y'all know the apple doesn't fall far from...

Made me knuckle up. Had to know what's up. Inspired by the intellect of older pup - Devil Dog if you tough he will call your bluff. Vasectomized your tongue if you rapping bruh.
OG in the game name is AK. Payload with the gwap yo mayday. 185 Centimeters melee. Put me on that rap ish - Baby baby! That cat is a visionary setting his itinerary. Dance hit. Rhyme lit. Run quick. Slick wit. Once ran the streets with the misfits. Real life Sniper on assignment. Kind of guy that will get you out a bind with a science, whom came to feast with the Lions.

She chose that life of New York. Young cook with a new approach. A leader industry boasts - Rachel better make a toast. To the greatest chef that I know, should have her own food show. Between a rock and hard place - all she could do was grow.
She speaks with wisdom, precision, detailed with eagle vision. Non ego driven decisions when it comes to the greater mission. Words of encouragement, mental nourishment learned from this - Afrocentric amazing, trail blazing, dream chase bigger sis.

(2:53)HOOK (outro) ft. Charlotte Rose
You thought my heart was empty, but I was just a kid.
I thought your heart was empty, but I was just a kid.
If time could move both directions, I know we'd both forgive (4x)
I see it now I see it, that pain you thought you hid (3x)
I see it now I see it, pain hides in emptiness.